Movie Club: Starring the Creative Writing Club



With the Creative Writing class becoming more and more popular, the Creative Writing Club has started going through a lot of changes.

The club met on Mondays with Creative Writing teacher Jamie Handling, but the students who were in the club just started taking the class. This allowed the students who spend lunch in Mrs. Handling’s class to change it. The students decided to watch movies every week and it started to catch on.

“It started with my son coming in for lunch and bringing in a couple of his friends and it has grown to be not only his friends, some kids from Creative Writing and even some from my English 12,” Handling said.

While the Creative Writing Club does still meet, there is more emphasis on the movie club watching movies every week.

There is no plan on making it an official club, but it is a possibility if the “Lunch Crew” decides to.

“I would not be against being the club sponsor for a Movie Club, but the kids have to do it,” Handling said.

The Movie Club wasn’t a planned club, but students seem to enjoy it. There are usually around 10-15 students in the class every day and they all decide on the movie for the week together. Mrs. Handling’s favorite part of the club is the students who show up to it.

“You know what I really like about this crew is that there’s so much comradery,” Handling said. “They’re welcoming to everyone. Kids come in who haven’t spoken to another kid in a while and they come in and now they’re just enjoying each other’s presence.”

While the students who show up are there to watch a movie, it’s also just a good place to just relax during lunch.

“It’s not very loud so it’s a peaceful environment, it’s safe. I mean there’s all kinds of kids from different social groups,” Handling said.” It’s just an enjoyable environment where you can just relax for 30 minutes and watch a movie.” 

Any students who want to join the club can go to room 913 during first lunch every weekday. Everyone is welcome.