Student’s job really delivers



Plenty of students who go to Roseville High School have been known to take jobs on the side as well throughout the years, such as Senior Lucy Alvarez. 

“I work at the UPS store,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez works in a rather small business. Not in a big common business like the post-office itself.

“They’re all individually owned.” Alvarez said.

She mentions how the UPS store does work with the post-office from time to time, 

“We do accept stuff from the post-office, but we do UPS shipments rather than USPS shipments.” Alvarez said.

She doesn’t find the job too hard for the most part. “I’ve kind of talked to the postman who picks up and I don’t know exactly how it works at the post-office but at the UPS store, we do a lot more than just shipping, we take care of return for different companies, we have PO boxes, we do copies, prints, faxes, all sorts of things.” Alvarez said.

Alvarez has not run into any sort of financial troubles so far, despite the business itself being really small. 

“I don’t know. Like I said, they’re all individually owned, I can’t really speak for other locations, and I don’t know too much about our own location, but from what I can tell, things are going well.” Alvarez said.

Alvarez can find UPS store work pretty fun to work at times while they have time to mess around; when there’s work to be done, like during the holidays, Alvarez works very hard to make sure it gets completed.

 “It depends on the day. If it’s slower, there’s a little more room to goof off and have fun, but sometimes it can get really busy, especially during the holidays season so we’re just getting over that little busy time.” Alvarez said. “But since my friends started working there, I’ve actually had a lot more fun.”

Alvarez believes that a good balance between going to School and having a job is the key to having an easier life and for a more enjoyable experience. 

 “Having a job and balancing school can be hard, but if you’re able to find the right job that works for your schedule and works with your location, and if you just find the right people you’re working with, it’s really not as difficult as a lot of people have it, so I’m really grateful to have this job.” Alvarez said.