RHS snack bar is getting a tasteful upgrade



When going to a Roseville sports game, students might feel like going and getting some food at the snack bar. From the customer’s point of view, the Roseville snack bar is just a regular school snack bar, but there are many issues behind the counter.

One of these issues is the space in the snack bar. The current snack bar building has very little space to store food or move around.

”For the people that are sitting in the back working the food stands or the money or trying to get stuff out of the freezer, it’s really cramped.” Junior Parker Pendone said.

Another issue with the outdated snack bar is it’s age. The building hasn’t been fixed or renovated since it was built and it’s really starting to show.

Not only is the outside of the building falling apart, but the inside is also starting to deteriorate. The shelves are falling apart and rotting, there’s water damage, and a lot of the outlets no longer work. 

“Yeah the building’s falling apart.” Pedone said. “Some of the lights don’t work anymore, there’s dry rotting from the underside of the snack bar, and the wood is starting to fall apart.”

Luckily, there are plans currently in place to build a new snack bar in place of the current one. It will be where the current one is now and it will be much larger. It will come all the way to the current gate and will also include bathrooms for the home and away sides.

An addition to this project will also be new parking spaces. There is a large open blacktop area in front of the bathrooms that will be converted to around twelve new parking spaces. The walkway to the home side will also get turned into a little plaza with trees and an archway for the entrance.

There currently is no set date, however, construction will most likely start in the summer. Equipment for the project will be stored by the gate to the field by the Auxiliary gym and the 900s wing.

“I know that’s going to be very inconvenient,” Principle Nicholas Richter said. “To get a brand new snack bar and restrooms, we’ll just have to suck it up for about a year or so to get that built and then once they do, it’ll be fantastic.” 

The construction crew will be accessing the site from inside of campus. While this will be inconvenient, it won’t interfere with parking. The only area of the lot it might have to use is the new spots where the other portables used to be. Otherwise parking shouldn’t be affected.