VAPA and AVID cords decorate Roseville seniors



VAPA and AVID cords are a huge focus and have impacted students’ elective choices throughout the years. Upperclassmen of Roseville High School are working hard to achieve them and, according to teacher Dean Gadway, they can greatly improve a students sense of accomplishment.

These cords can be attained by participating in and passing either a VAPA class or an AVID class for all four years, as well as taking two other classes outside of your suit. For example, a student can take AVID 9-12, and VAPA students can take Art 1-4. In addition another 2 classes of a different elective are required.

Having taken 4 years of art, senior Sophia Lavin sings her praises for the arts and is confident in her receiving of the cord. 

“The environment is super welcoming and open,” Lavin said. “I have always been a very creative person; it has been a fantastic way for me to vent and clear my mind on to a paper.” 

In addition to her four years of art, she has also taken a year of guitar, dance, piano and is currently in AP art; a fifth art class.

“I do believe I would like to pursue some form of art in my future,” Lavin said.

Arts teacher Patricia Leong also recommends working for the cord. 

“The word has gotten out and people are aware of it,” Leong said. “We have plenty more interest. Definitely more people have applied since COVID and the arts classes are growing. There are more classes being offered at the advanced levels as well.”

In addition to a VAPA cord, AVID teacher Dean Gadway offers a wider variety of awards for AVID students. The selection includes a pin, a certificate, a cord and a stole. Gadway highlights that most students who pass receive the cord and a pin. Although students who pass and participate an exceptional amount can receive a certificate and a stole.