Senior gets flamed for drafting mistakes



Twelve RHS seniors started a fantasy football league that has been going on since their freshman year. Like most leagues have done, they decided on a last place punishment. Senior Roni Kashal unfortunately got last place this season and had to eat Blazin’ Wings, the hottest wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.

“I won week one then my players kept getting hurt off waivers and I was just like ‘oh snap.’ Then, after week ten or so, when it’s like the final three, it was me, Brennan, and Rhys. I was like ‘oh snap,’” Kashal said. “After the final week we were all tied for last so it really concerned me.”

Kashal hopes to learn from his drafting mistakes after having received the pain from eating the Blazin’ Wings and not get last place again next season.

“I did not make the best drafting decisions on draft day. I had back to back picks and I drafted Deandre Hopkins and Patrick Mahomes. Also never draft Ronald Jones, he was the definition of terrible,” Kashal said.

The Blazin’ Wings range at 350,000 Scoville which made senior Mason Worrell take great joy in Kashal’s punishment.

“It brought a smile to my face. I love seeing my friends who lose in pain and anguish so he deserved it. It was fun for all of us,” Worrell said.

Though senior Daryon Young Beecham started to feel sympathy for Kashal, he ended up being impressed with his performance.

“I felt bad for him in the beginning but he was eating those wings with mad efficiency, all the sweat dripping down his face the whole time man,” Young-Beecham said.

With the feeling he could possibly get last place, Kashal made sure he was fully prepared for the challenge.

“Honestly I felt like I did a good job eating the wings under five minutes, it was really painful but I made some spicy wings at home couple days before just so I had a jist of what the wings could be like which actually really helped me when I had to do the actual challenge,” Kashal said.

Everyone in the fantasy league has been playing in the same league with each other for the past four years. Now, this last season is likely to be the last for all twelve of the students to play together.

“Yeah it’s sad to think that could potentially be our last fantasy season together. We have been doing it for so long obviously I wish I could have had a better season but the experience of playing with your friends is all anyone could ask for,” Kashal said.