Nine One Sixers, a scoop on the ones who shoot hoops



The Nine One Sixers started playing basketball together for fun in early November. Eventually, this led to the team taking the game more seriously having their first game occurring two weeks ago on January seventh. 

Towards the beginning of the game, the Nine One Sixers were filled with hopeful optimism that they would secure a victory. The game featured dominant performances by Brennan Bass and Ryan Irvine.

“Nine One Sixers Pride baby, all for the teammates,” said Irvine.

Bass shares the opinion that Irvine’s basketball ability has carried the team where they are today.

“We’ve got the Ryan Irvine show today, we have already put up eight points. Hope for a good rest of the game and the Nine One Sixers should come out with the win,” said Bass.

Unfortunately, the Nine One Sixers did not end up winning the game. They had the upper hand for most of the game, but after what looked like a seance by the other team, they brought in their head coach as a player. The team attributed their losses to the other team putting the coach, who happened to be an actual Yuba City basketball player.

“I think if he didn’t come in, we would’ve won that game,” said Graydon. “We played hard, but sometimes you win some and you lose some.”

Colby Nelson, the tallest player of the nine one sixers, standing at an astounding six foot-four two hundred and seventy pounds, has taken this loss as a way to improve and get better for their next game.

“It was a tough loss, but we just have to come out next week even stronger,” said Nelson.

The team did eventually come out with a win the week after with a score of 30-25. With strong performances by Ryan Graydon, Andrew Lucero, and Max Wyles.

Nine One Sixers fan Ricky Bastienelli, midway through the game had analyzed how the team was doing and see a massive improvement in the team’s performance.

“We’re doing all right, we’re executing all of our plays and we’ve made a comeback in the last quarter so it should be a good show,” said Bastianelli, “Hoping to catch a W and keep our lead up.”

The Nine One Sixers will continue to make shots and play with heart for themselves, their fans, and for their coach Jackson Richards, who feels immense pride in the team he helps coach

“I couldn’t be prouder of my team. They fought their hearts out to the very end,” said Richards. “They had to put an actual competent basketball player to compete with them, which says a whole lot about this team. We’ll get back at it next week.”