Return to Hogwarts




20 years in the making Harry, Hermione, Ron, and so many other characters are making their return to where they all grew up, Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. 

This was made like a movie but it wasn’t like the previous 8 movies. It was made just like the Friends reunion. They made it like where the characters come back and look back at their life and experience in filming the movies. 

The Director Casey Patterson had some big shoes to fill and she did not disappoint. The way she was able to bring the characters back together and get them all back together again. 

It’s weird to think that the movies came out twenty years ago. Just because I still watch all the movies so frequently so they don’t seem that old. But when some of the characters walked in I was like wow they are a lot older than when they starred in the movies. 

Watching the movies I always thought that they had to use special effects. They did use quite a bit of special effects but they didn’t use as much as I thought they did. For example when they walk into the great hall all of the floating candles were actually hung by fishing wire. 

They talked about how when they would be filming they would fall down because the flames would literally melt the wire and they would just start falling but they wanted to keep it how it was to make it still look real. 

Going through the documentary and seeing the villain actors actually talking and enjoying being around the hero actors was really crazy to me because they hated each other in every movie. 

Seeing the actor who played Voldemort was super crazy because he had a NOSE and he had hair. 

I recommend watching this documentary because you will not be disappointed.