The race to join Autoshop



Roseville High School has many clubs and classes that help students in pursuing future careers. Classes like culinary, engineering, and biomed all help students have fun while also learning interesting things that can help students with determining a future career field. On November 30th, Adelante High School showcased one class that Roseville doesn’t have. The class being Auto Shop.

“The open house was intended to mostly give some insight to the program to students and their parents but also to gauge interest and seriousness of prospective students in the program.” said Crowden

Due to recent changes from Adelante teachers and Automotive Instructors Mitch Crowden and Jason Harm, Students from not just adelante but other highschools can now participate in the Auto Shop program.

“I’ve talked to teachers and counselors to make it work for the students. I have had students talk to their own teachers to let them know that they’re doing this class off campus.” said Crowden

Crowden has spoken to multiple school counselors and has made the program as available as he can for students from other schools. Students with first period off can attend the zero period at 7:40, and directly after second period during lunch until 12:20. If none of these work you can always go after school.

“The class schedule is totally designed so that students can get here and get back when they need to,” said Crowden.

Crowden has been an automotive instructor for around 17 years, 2 of which at Adelante, but there’s still one problem: there aren’t enough seats to fill the amount of students interested in the program.

“Essentially we have more students that have requested entry into the program than seats.”

The program puts students in contact with multiple dealerships and auto shops and teaches them useful skills that will help them in securing an internship and later a job in the automotive industry. 

“Basically the industry needs us, because they don’t have the time or the money to train people who know absolutely nothing at ground zero. They need programs like this to teach those entry level skills for when a student goes over for an internship, and eventually a job.” said Crowden

This program is still very new to the school district and caught students like Senior Chris Croaro by surprise, but felt like a class he wanted to take

“I took this class because I wanted to do it. It was an instinct.” said Croaro

Croaro sees value in the work that he does, whether it’s computer work, changing tires, or learning to change oil, he hopes to use all of the skills he picks up in the class to pursue a future in the automotive industry.

“I do hope to get a job with it, it’s been a dream job of mine since I was a kid and I hope to fulfill that dream” said Croaro