Nifty first sale for Thrift Club



Thrifting, where you’ll find gently used items at discounted prices. The RHS thrift club had their second official sale on Monday the 15th.

Thrift Club President, Senior Alina Beaman, enjoys the act of thrifting clothes to make them unique and decided to join the Roseville High School Thrift Club her sophomore year.

“I wasn’t the one who started it, when I was a sophomore a senior started the club and I just really wanted to join it because I really like thrifting and the aspect of making things.” said Beaman.

After a successful first sale at the fall festival, Beaman has decided to branch out and plans to hold sales more often. Beaman plans for the next club sale to be on December 17 of next month.

“We did it at the fall festival which is why we got the idea to do it again during lunch and since it went pretty well I think we’re gonna do it maybe every month or so.” said Beaman.

Beaman plans for the next club sale to be on December 17 of next month. Beaman hopes that more people see thrifting clothes more as a success rather than a failure, she believes that thrifting cloth rather than buying them at a store has a rewarding experience to it.

“Hopefully people can see that thrifting and buying second hand is fun and even more rewarding than buying clothes than at places like Paxon or Forever 21.” said Beaman.

After the last club president had left, Beaman decided to take on being the new club president and has been pursuing her goals for the club and its future.

“I think it’s because I’m so passionate about stuff like thrifting and being sustainable in the fashion sense and kind of expressing what you want through your clothing and things like that.” said Beaman.

The majority of the club has done DIY projects instead of buying and reselling the same clothing item for a cheaper price.

“In the club we do have a sewing machine so we DIY’s and we kind of teach each other things like sewing or crocheting.”  said Beaman.

As the club continues, Beaman hopes to achieve her goals of expanding the club with more people coming and participating in their club events.

“If anyone wants to join the club you’re welcome to because even if you haven’t come to any of the meetings we’ll still welcome everyone and if you’re scared just come, everyone’s really nice and it’s really fun.” said Beaman.