Fans take Notice of new Netflix success


(Courtesy/Forbes )

Joseph Bianchini, Sports Editor

In a movie where The Rock is an FBI agent, Ryan Reynolds is the world’s greatest con-man and Gal Gadot is the world’s greatest art thief. You are out of your mind if you don’t think that movie sounds good. And once you’ve watched the movie, you realize that it is that good.

Red Notice follows John Hartley, an FBI agent who is chasing Nolan Booth, the world’s best art thief, or so he thought. 3 golden eggs that came from Egypt during the Cleopatra-era are spread out across the world, and of course Booth wants them. So while he is chasing these prized possessions, Hartley is chasing him.

Then comes The Bishop, played by Gal Gadot. She is actually the best art thief in the world, and when she gets thrown into the equation the movie turns into a wild and hilarious goose chase for 3 golden eggs. 

As he does in every movie he is in, Ryan Reynolds provides lots of laughs, and paired with the Rock and Gal Gadot, it makes the movie entertaining from start to finish. Oh yeah, and there is quite a funny cameo from a famous musical artist towards the end of the movie.

The movie takes place across the world, which makes it very visually appealing. We see this gold egg goose chase go from European locations such as Rome and Spain, to tropical Bali,  to cold Russia, and the movie ends in the forests of South America. The locations are always utilized to compliment the chaos that these golden eggs bring, and it really makes for a solid plot to this wild story.

Now, this movie isn’t one that you are going to want to watch with your little sister as there is a good amount of violence. And let’s be real; should you really be watching any Ryan Reynolds movie with your little sister? But for teenage and adult audiences, this movie is great. There is a good amount of action and the comedy lands.

I won’t give anything away but the movie ends with what likely is to be a segway into a potential Red Notice sequel. I am very excited to see where John Hartley, Nolan Booth, and the Bishop’s characters are taken in the next movie.

I would highly recommend watching Red Notice whenever you get the chance. It’s just fun to watch, and you will be second guessing everything you see with how many plot twists are incorporated into the movie.