Portable cat Bears many students hearts



Over the past 4 years, there has been a cat that has found his way onto campus and around the portables. Not many people around campus knew who’s cat it was or what his name was. Teacher Marlin Galamgam’s class is one that the cat shows a particular liking towards. 

“Bear for all we know lives across the street from the alley, he’s been coming and going for probably about 4 years,” said Galamgam.

Though students weren’t able to find out the cat’s real name, they instead came up with something that has stuck for the past couple of years that the cat has roamed the campus.

“We have had students who have known him since they were freshman and one day he just showed up and we were talking about restaurants and black bear diner led to bear,” Galamgam said.

Bear has become something that classes have been able to rally around in order to keep him safe from the dangers of students speeding in the alley.

“A lot of the kids watch out for him, so any of our student drivers who drive along this alley we want them to drive the proper speed limit in order to keep Bear safe,” Galamgam said.

Not only do the kids rally around Bear to keep him safe, but he is also a help to students mentally. Students find it helpful when they see Bear running outside and it helps relieve a lot of stress.  

“The kids love him, he has a calming effect for some of my students, a lot of my students look forward to seeing him and when they don’t see him they miss him,” Galamgam said.

Freshman Sophia Crandell has also found this true and feels that it helps a lot having the cat around. 

“It makes the class more comfortable to be in and it makes the class a more cheerful environment as well,” Crandell said.

Some students have also found that petting Bear helps them relieve their stress and overall improves their mood.

“Whenever I pet him, it’s like a de-stressor and it helps a lot,” Freshman Anthony MacFarlane said.  

Galamgam and her class hope that students will be friendly towards Bear when they see him. They feel that it is up to them to keep him safe around campus.

“Any time you are walking around the portables, if you see Bear just pet him and say hi,” Galamgam said.