Disney brings the magic with Encanto



The newest animated Disney movie Encanto is set to release on the 24th of this month.

Encanto is based on a Colombian family that lives in a house full of magic. Not only is the house magical, but most of the family also has special powers. The only member of the family that doesn’t seem to have any powers is the youngest daughter Mirabel. The trailer shows the house in danger and the family has to try to keep the magic alive.

I am personally very excited to see this movie for a number of reasons.

First of all, the animation looks fantastic. It has a similar style to Moana or Coco, both fantastic movies. The lighting especially seems to have gotten a major upgrade from past films. In the trailer, we can really see how the light interacts with the things it shines on like doors and furniture. 

The setting of Colombia also adds a lot of color. The house is full of color with the paint and furniture, and it’s surrounded by hills filled with trees and bushes. The setting leads to a very bright and pleasing aesthetic. 

The characters also look amazing, mostly due to the much improved facial expressions. Each character has distinct movement and design and this will most likely lead to very memorable characters. The animation just looks amazing and I can’t wait to see what else the film pulls off.

Another thing I’m excited for is the music in the film. The writer of the songs in the movie is Lin-Manuel Miranda, and there couldn’t be a better option. Miranda has shown a massive amount of talent not only in writing musicals, but also producing the music in Vivo, Mary Poppins Returns, and Moana, one of the best Disney soundtracks ever. 

The plot of this movie is very interesting. As the house starts to fall apart, the members of the family start to lose their gift (their powers). They need to “save the magic” and they tell Mirabel that she is the one that has to save the family. I really hope that they don’t go this way with it, but I think they will most likely have Mirabel discover her power at the end and she’ll be the most powerful. Again, I hope that doesn’t happen because that’s very predictable and I think it’d be way better if she learns that you don’t need powers to be special, but I can only hope.

After watching the trailers, I am very excited for this movie. The latest Disney films haven’t been too mind blowing. In my opinion, they haven’t made a good movie since Coco in 2017. Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4 were disappointing when you compare them to their prior movies, Frozen 2 was far worse than an already not great Frozen, and I’m not even gonna talk about Ralph Breaks the Internet. 

I just hope they can live up to the expectations for this film, although it is kind of hard to fail when you have Lin-Manuel Miranda and an experienced producer like Clark Spencer.