HUMANS OF RHS: Matteo Corti



Senior Matteo Corti, a transfer student from Italy, decided to head to California before the start of this school year to pursue the “American Dream.” Corti plans on pursuing his goals in California of being a better person and knowing the “American culture” a little better probably in the summer of 2022.

–Zoe Light

“When I decided to come here I thought it was cool to come here because I would like to know better the American culture and live the American dream because in Italy we think that America, it’s so great, so cool.

 So I would like to see how the school was here, how was living here and I mean sometimes I think it’s different for some stuff like the school it’s very different but I think here it’s cooler because you can do sports and stuff like that so I mean I decided to come here to live the American culture, the American dream and to improve as a person, to like mature. I came here on the sixth of August and I will be back in Italy on December 27. 

I have to finish the school year in Italy so maybe I should come back during the next summer, so for sure I will come back because it’s very cool and it would be nice to meet my family another time. I think I should return during the summer maybe. 

This is my first ever year here. I went to New York, but I like to vacation with my family, so yeah this is my first time in California.”