What it means to have Tiger Pride



The Tiger Pride club hosted their first special event of the year on the 29th of October. 

The Tiger Pride club is a club where kids with special needs can interact with each other and other students by playing games and doing a bunch of fun activities. The club’s purpose is to make sure these students feel included and allow them to have a good time at school. 

President of the club Jenna Wagner, has a very close connection to the club and is very supportive of the purpose it serves.

“I have a sister with special needs so I wanted to get a club where she can interact with other students and be more involved with the school.” Wagner said.

Junior Ava Pearson, joined the club because she thought it sounded really cool and she wanted to help out.

“The environment is so positive and I love how each and every kid gets to have fun and none of them feel excluded.” Pearson said.

The event the club had was a Halloween themed Bingo game. The students would get a Bingo card and if they got Bingo, they would go up to the front and open a pumpkin shaped container. In the container, there would either be a trick, some kind of bug toy, or a treat, a piece of candy. The kids would keep going until all the containers were opened.

The event was a success and the kids really enjoyed the activities and games that they were involved in.

“I think the social interaction is really good and I think it’s really cool that they get to do something fun.” Pearson said.

Wagner believes that more people should be in the club. She believes that it wouldn’t only benefit the kids with special needs but could also benefit other students.

“It’s honestly a great club, you get to go have fun and play games and it definitely gives you a different perspective on what other kids’ lifestyles are like.” Wagner said.

The club really hopes to have more students come and participate in the club.

“I really hope a lot of kids get involved,” Wagner said, “It’s always so fun to see people interact with kids like this.”

The club plans on having more events in the future. If anyone is interested in joining the club, they can visit their Instagram, rhs.tigerpride, or go to their meetings. Club meetings are the first Friday of every month in room 500.