Fett returns

Fett returns

Connor Olson-Donoghue, A&E Editor

Boba Fett is a name that many Star Wars fans are likely to recognize, as he was a huge part of the story in both the original and prequel trilogy. 

In episodes five and six, Boba Fett was one of the six bounty hunters that Darth Vader hired to track down and capture the Millennium Falcon and its passengers.

Episode two of the prequels went further into the backstory of the famed mercenary and revealed that he was actually a clone of his father Jango Fett, yet was raised to be the late bounty hunter’s son as opposed to one of the many clone troopers for which Jango served as the template. 

Yet despite all of his mental and physical abilities, Boba Fett was killed quite simply in episode six when Han Solo broke his jetpack sending him flailing wildly straight into a Sarlacc Pit, a huge monster which was said to take a thousand years to digest its prey.

In a series of novels that have since been marked as part of the non-canon Star Wars: Legends, Boba Fett actually managed to escape the Sarlacc Pit before going off on numerous adventures around the galaxy. 

Since the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm removed the Star Wars Expanded Universe from canon, Fett’s adventures were cut short at the end of Return of the Jedi.

That was, of course, until Star Wars: The Mandalorian, where Boba Fett shows back up, heavily scarred and much older than his last appearance, in order to reclaim his armor that was scavenged by Jawas and used by Cobb Vanth.

His appearance alone was incredible as it means his survival and escape from the Sarlacc Pit is back into canon, although how exactly he lived is still unknown.

However, fans were also incredibly excited to see him in action, as even without his armor he was able to prove why exactly he was thought of as one of most powerful bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe.

Fett assists Din Djarin in his protection of the young child, Grogu, and goes so far as providing a distraction allowing Din and the other Mandalorians he is with to infiltrate Moff Gideon’s Star Destroyer. After lending help with the space fight however, he seemingly leaves to not be seen again.

That is until the final, post-credits scene of the second season of The Mandalorian, where Boba Fett shows up one last time for his most exciting appearance yet.

Fett and his companion Fennec Shand travel to the desert planet Tatooine, and more specifically to the late Jabba the Hutt’s palace.

Inside, they find Bib Fortuna, once Jabba’s right hand man and now the ruler of the Hutt’s criminal empire, and without a single word eliminate him. 

Boba Fett then sits upon the throne himself as his image fades out, replaced with the text, “THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT, Coming December 2021.” A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

With the confirmation of a brand new show focused on the adventures of the legendary bounty hunter, fans are looking forward to seeing what is to come for the mercenary.