School maps delayed




Since 2017, Roseville High School has been planning on building school maps around campus, with $3,000-5,000 donated by the graduating class of 2017. It was an effort to ensure more accessibility for students to commute through classes and other places on campus. Over time, it became less of a priority because of new and upcoming events for the student government to organize for RHS, according to ASB President Peyton Maria.


“We’re trying to get normal events back and running,” Maria said. “So having the maps around campus isn’t the first thing on our list, which is why we’re hoping that someone else would pick it up.”


According to Maria, despite the limited attention and priority towards the issue, Student Government is looking for other options. 


“We’re probably going to assign it to a committee to get the project done, but it’s also one of those things that the money has already set aside, so if it doesn’t get done this year, it will get done in the following years, and it can be rolled over to the next grade to complete this project,” said Maria.


Teacher Brent Mattix is advising the effort along with the student government; they have been looking for someone with artistic design experience to help provide for the project. They’re also keeping in contact with members of the Class of 2017 about developing the project across the school. 


Mattix assured that the project hasn’t faced any shortcomings other than a lack of co-sponsor, as members of the Class of 2017 headed off to college elsewhere. According to Mattix, the student government still has the funding for the maps and stated that he wants to start the project punctually and with a co-sponsor, otherwise the result may be of low quality. 


“It’s one of those projects that basically anyone can pick it up and start working on it, so we’re just waiting on someone to be interested in it, so there’s all the funding for it, we just need someone to get a push on that project,” Maria said.