Saints Row: Rows of new features


(Courtesy/Deep Silver)


The newest addition to the popular Saints Row game series, set to release on February 25, 2022, has got fans very excited.

Saints Row is an open world game, similar to GTA, with a cartoonish animation style. In this game, the player will have to defend against rival gangs and the cops.

As of right now there is only gameplay of two missions but the little that has been shown is very promising.

One of the highlights of the gameplay reveal is the car based combat. The player performs attacks like ramming and sideswiping to make their opponent explode. The passenger can also shoot from the passenger seat or climb on top of the car and light up the enemy.

On top of the car combat, the hand to hand combat also looks very impressive. It looks like the player can get into massive bar fights with rival gangs and get extra money and ammo from them. The combat seems very smooth with quick dodges and hard hitting punches.

Speaking of gangs, the gangs in this game are very interesting. From the trailer, it seems like different gangs will have unique fighting styles. For example, the Idol gang focuses on strength in numbers while the Los Panteros gang is more about power and short ranged combat. 

The last bit of combat that was revealed was takedown attacks. You earn a takedown attack after you kill a certain amount of enemies. The only takedown displayed in the trailer is one where the player straps an explosive to an enemy and throws them into a crowd. Not only does it do a lot of crowd damage, but the attack also heals you.

While the combat got a massive upgrade, there were also some new mechanics that are very exciting. 

One of these new mechanics is tethering. Tethering is where you can hook certain objects behind your car and drag them around. The player will be able to do this in open world with certain vehicles.

Another new mechanic is gliding. The player can put on a wingsuit to glide and dive bomb from tall buildings. 

Both of these mechanics were displayed in the two missions.

This new game seems like it’s going to add a lot of new and interesting things to the already popular series. Everything about the game so far seems positive and fans have very high expectations waiting for its release.