HUMANS OF RHS: Clara Müller



Junior Clara Müller, a German exchange student from Berlin, Germany found interest in Roseville High school at the start of the school year. According to Müller, RHS has been a better experience than her previous high school in Germany.

“I came here from the beginning of the school year. On the first day of school I was already here, but I arrived one week before school, that’s when my flight came. I think it’s very interesting and It’s very different than the school that I’ve been to in Germany, and I really like it. It’s very fun. There are a lot of activities here at this school, like I love going to football games and I love the clubs because at my school in Germany I didn’t really have clubs, it’s not really a thing there. The school that I went to in Germany was really focused on the academic aspect, for example there I had fifteen classes a week and here I only have four classes a week and it’s very easy here. Here we have multiple choice tests and in Germany that doesn’t really exist, you have to study everything and know and write it out in your own words and it’s way more fun here because of the football games, we didn’t have that.”