Seniors make dough at Blaze Pizza



Over the quarantine period, many students have found that they have had more time in their schedules for jobs. Now employers have needed more and more people to work these jobs and teens have been filling up these vacancies.

One of the first students this year at Roseville High School to start working at Blaze Pizza was Senior Riley Griffin. 

“I was looking for jobs one day, and I saw how to apply to Blaze online and I just applied and they hired me,” said Senior Griffin.

Griffin was the first to apply out of the seniors who now work there. Griffin only suggested that one other person start working at Blaze, but since then many have joined him. 

“It just kind of happened, I only told one of my friends to apply, and he got hired but everyone else that followed just kind of showed up,” said Griffin. 

Senior Isaac Albrecht was one of those seniors that applied to Blaze and got hired.

“I knew Riley Griffin was working here and I knew Cameron Skinner was working here as well,” Albrecht said. “Since then I’ve tried to get some of my friends to work here and I’ve gotten Carter Sharp and Evan Reyes.”

Albrecht has had to stop working during the week in order for him to be able to keep his grades up and work at the same time.

“I only work weekends because I am a tiger tutor, so I don’t work during the week, so I just limit my time to the weekend,” said Albrecht. 

Albrecht finds that one of the best parts of the job is being able to work with his friends from school.

“At school we always hang out at school and when we see each other we always say ‘pizza olo’,” Albrecht said. 

Senior Cameron Skinner has also found that working with friends from school makes the job way easier with scheduling and the job itself.

“It’s easier to communicate with them to get your shift off or anything, because you can just text them because you already know them,” Skinner said. 

Not only does Skinner like the job itself, but he also enjoys it when his paycheck arrives.

“I definitely look forward to when I get paid but I also like hanging out with my friends,” Skinner said.

Riley Griffin also is a part of the paycheck fan club.

“I like getting paid, is what I like,” Griffin said.