Soup the undead friend, shows what it means to be alive



Anyone who’s been in high school before knows just how important friends are for the true experience to be good. Wyatt Walker, a senior at Roseville, couldn’t agree more, although one of his friends named Soup might be a little different from other teenagers’ friends.

     Soup is a plastic skeleton. He stands about five feet tall, weighs maybe a pound or two and is missing his right hand due to a stunt accident. 

     Walker met Soup back in August during a trip to Spirit Halloween with some friends, and they had instant chemistry. He had the money, so he bought him on the spot and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

      When asked about Soup’s effect on his high school career, Walker said he’s enhanced the experience “like tenfold,” Walker said. “He is amazing.”

     Soup isn’t only his friend, but also the main feature on Walker’s Instagram account as his personal travel buddy. Soup rides along with him, buckled up in the passenger seat of his Jeep exploring the corners of the Roseville area.

     “I went to a pumpkin patch, I went to a Mel’s diner, I went to another diner, the gas station and I went all the way to Sacramento with him too.”

     There was also a late night trip to Dyer Lane one week, where Soup got a “new car,” an old broken down red truck, matching his skeleton appearance. Soup can’t drive so they had to leave it there, but if he ever grows enough to reach the pedals, the road better watch out.

     Soup enjoys dancing with friends, traveling, going for car rides, having his picture taken and having an occasional brawl with Walker’s other friends. As far as outfits go, Soup isn’t known to wear clothes often.

     “No like, official outfits, but we definitely have dressed him before, me and my friends,” Walker said.

        Their various adventures are documented on Instagram, along with a much smaller skeleton named Stew, who also tags along on some of their trips. They can be seen in car washes, in new outfits, “making some business calls” and many other fun activities.

     As of now, when Soup isn’t tagging along with Walker for adventures, he just stays up in his room. He isn’t strictly a Halloween decoration, and will likely never see the inside of a storage container.

     “Soup is doing great. He’s hangin’ out in my room, lookin’ over the streets,” Walker said.

 Soup is living the life with Walker, but they do plan on expanding their skeleton family.

     “I’ve already gotten a smaller skeleton named Stew, and even smaller ones that are named Puree. So, pretty crazy.”

     Walker has joked with friends about acquiring a twelve-foot skeleton he would name Gumbo. He wants to keep the theme of sauces or soup-like foods for their names, but Gumbo would be one big investment. 

     “If I ever get the funds to do so and the space, then definitely,” he said.