Boreas rocks on



Being an independent hardcore punk rock band has its struggles. But, Juniors Dylan Leal and Ryan Collins proved otherwise, as vocalist Teagan Fair released a small debut for their band Boreas with their lead vocalist, bassist Trevor, and Second guitarist T. 

Over time, Boreas found its members through friendship and relations. Dylan Leal, drummer, does his best to improve and hone in on his skills. Dylan had joined Boreas through a snapchat ad that had been posted that had said that they needed a drummer.

“I play the drums, that’s my baby right there” Leal said.

Following up, Ryan Collins found Boreas through his best friend (Oakmont student and vocalist) Teagan Fair. Ryan had followed the flow of the band and ever since then he became a major part of it. 

“Originally I was going to play bass, but I ended up playing guitar and I’m really happy about it.” Collins said.

Boreas is a mixed punk band, playing mainly hardcore punk and surf punk. They do cover songs and originals too. They are inspired by old school influences like black flag and Minor threat, and are doing their best to prove that punk is not dead. 

They have released multiple songs on their Spotify. Boreas plans to re-make the album, To update their skillset. 

“Our most popular song is We’re Gonna Break Shit,” Collins says.

With being a self brought band, the diversity can definitely shine through. With the age differences that may seem odd at first, but makes sense as they move forward. Dylan, Ryan, and Teagan are all 16 years of age. Following that, their bassist Trevor is 23 years old, and their Guitarist T is 49. This makes shows easier as they have older connections to sign off on places and to set shows.

Practice follows a schedule that takes place in Dylan Leal’s garage. Usually, they practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5. Sometimes the practices drag on longer than so, as it’s easy to get lost in the music.

Finding people for a band is hard, but when you find connections everything falls into place, and that is exactly what happened. 

As for the band, Boreas has a show coming up in Las Vegas opening for Part II the Electric Boogaloo’s on October 29th, 2021. Boreas also will be pursuing a small tour over the summer of 2022. Making their music more widespread and sharing their passion. 

Although there are always complications about being in a band, Boreas does their best to make the most out of what they have, the equipment they use, and the bond they share. 

“Make sure to check us out on Spotify and Instagram at Boreas” Leal said.