NLE Baby takes the world by a storm



The class of 2022 have continued the trend of last year by having a baby for the tiger cage. Seniors Roni Kashal and Marissa Jordan, the confirmed parents of the child, were gifted it from another Senior Evan Ledesma. After he was gifted, the parents made sure the baby was the flyest and cleanest baby around. 

“It started when Evan gifted the baby to us and we made sure he was the cleanest kid around,”-Kashal said. 

What makes this baby unique is its drip. Of course the name NLE Baby, which roots from the famous rappers name NLE Choppa is the first thing that sets this baby apart. NLE Baby’s outfit is also something that sets him apart, he has the look as if he is about to beat you 11-0 in a 1 on 1 on the basketball court. NLE Baby’s outfit is complete with the chain and the durag inspired by his father Roni Kashal. 

“You know the curls coming in so you know he got to have the dewy on, the outfit needs some work but he got the chain and rag on so he’s good,” Kashal said. 

NLE Baby is an important piece of the class of 2022. It has escalated from just having a baby in the tiger cage to a prized possession of the senior class. NLE Baby can be found at lunches, games, parades and anywhere else imaginable. 

“You know NLE Baby is important to us and we make sure he is safe and the drippiest around, you know we make sure to have NLE Baby a part of all events,” Kashal said. 

Of course NLE Baby has a very large family. The confirmed mother and father of the child Roni Kashal and Marissa Jordan are not the only caretakers and supporters of NLE Baby. The baby has many cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles all over the RHS campus that care for him and make sure he is good. One uncle is senior Karri Sanders. 

“You know we make sure NLE Baby is good and safe around campus no matter the circumstance we make sure nobody tries to steal him,” Sanders said. 

Lastly, NLE Baby will be around forever and towards the end of the school year, Kashal and Jordan plan to let him spread his wings and fly on his own when he is grown up. 

“NLE Baby has the coolest parents and friends around,” Jordan said.