Lil Top Tops the Charts



NBA Youngboy released his new album “Sincerely, Kentrell”, and the results did not disappoint.  This album solidifies Youngboy as one of the most consistent (in terms of quality) artists in the rap game

The album’s anticipation has been built up only by Youngboy’s fan base and team. Despite his inability to promote the album well, he was able to compete with “Certified Lover Boy ” for the top spot on Apple Music.

Youngboy’s unconditional support from his fans is one of the most powerful forces in modern pop culture and has caused many impressive feats. There was advertising for the album in various cities around the country that were paid for by fans and not his label. 

Youngboy dethroned Drake for the number one album last week, just barely edging out in sales. Drake’s album boasted a hefty 134,949 units on its third week sales, while Youngboy beat it with 137,775.

This record has given something for Youngboy fans to listen to this year, with his last release being in 2020. His fanbase is used to a project every few months compared to only one; for example, in 2020 four Youngboy projects were released compared to the one this year.

The lack of frequency can be attributed to Kentrell’s arrest in March , but it doesn’t make sense when he has so much unreleased music that could’ve dropped regularly. His incarceration and release led to him being a part of a very exclusive group of artists. He joined Tupac and Lil’ Wayne in being one of the only artists to go number one on Billboard while behind bars.  Despite being blackballed by the industry, YB’s fans pulled together to push him to the top. This is one of the most notable accomplishments by Younbgboy, but  this is something that isn’t new. Youngboy is constantly breaking records and making hit songs without recognition from the game, despite the results he produces.

Youngboy ‘Never Broke Again’ dropped yet another classic album that has the similar effects of his other projects. He makes tracks that are slow burners and make you love them more and more over time.The enjoyment for this project grows in tandem with the amount of time spent listening to it.

His music always requires a little bit of time to truly grasp what he is saying. Most of the time his accent and niche slang can make it hard to understand the message he is trying to convey. His music is pain masked with aggression, and it can be hard to understand the pain through all of the angry words.

The album has been on repeat for most fans since the release, and the enjoyment with each track just grows more and more as you listen. 

The first five songs set the precedent for “Sincerely, Kentrell”.  The first track,”Bad Morning”, arguably encapsulates Youngboy’s versatile sound into a single song. 

He showcases his ability to use vocal fluctuations to his advantage and create a fresh sound. His use of flow switches, creative lyrics, and tailored production allow him to make a listening experience unique only to him.

His abundance of aggression mixed with his heartfelt words are somewhat of a paradox. His harsh delivery of meaningful lyrics is a pleasant surprise.

His versatility allows him to make music for anyone  and everyone if you find the right tracks. Some great introductory tracks off the album are “ On My Side”, “Break Or Make Me”, and “Hold Me Down”.