Stringer makes moves in Munich



Entering his senior year, Caden Stringer took a detour to Germany. Stringer moved to Germany in order to pursue his soccer career. At the end of July, Stringer posted to his Instagram account explaining his future in soccer with the Talent Project. The talent project is a soccer organization that finds talented young players in the U.S and turns their careers on the up providing more opportunities. 

“I’m very appreciative of this opportunity I have been given by the talent project, and I am excited to move forward in my future to Germany to further my soccer career,” Stringer expressed via Instagram. 

Stringer moved to a small town in Germany called Adlfurt in Munich. Of course being from California this is very different, but Stringer is grateful and happy to have the move. The city is filled with soccer training areas, and different ways for Stringer to improve on his game. 

“The town is very different from what I am used to, however, it is really cool to see the differences from Germany compared to the U.S,” Stringer said. 

Stringer’s future plans include sharpening his skills, staying with the talent project and following his future from there. Stringer also plays with 18 other high schoolers from the United States. Although he does not personally know his teammates yet, he has found a connection with them like no other. 

“It is weird I have never had a connection like this with people I have never met before, but I am excited for it because it makes a huge change when you connect with your teammates,” Stringer said. 

Stringer has been playing soccer for over 12 years and also did not see himself going into soccer professionally. Stringer saw himself pursuing college, after high school and going the ordinary route of education. However Stringer found himself on a detour and is taking a route that is not common in life which is not going the education route and finds himself on the soccer journey. This route is a lot different as to what is common, and this route Caden is taking, shows to his peers and the people around him that there isn’t only one route you can take. 

“You know I did not expect this to happen the way it has but I am extremely thankful, also I want everyone to know that you can find your route and it might not be as you expect but everyone will find it,” Stringer said via Instagram.