Senior Assassin kills the competition



Every year at Roseville high, senior students gather together in order to start their game of senior assassin. Senior assassin is a game where players are assigned to another player and their goal is to squirt them with a water gun.

This year seniors started on the first day of school and will continue until one player remains. Senior Cloie Bowers, organized senior assassin this year and had a bunch of seniors participate.

“We just gathered a bunch of seniors that were interested in playing, then we created an Instagram and also a google form,” Bowers said. “They paid three dollars to join and that’s when everything got started.”

One challenge that Bowers faced was getting everyone to agree on the rules, due to many people that had felt that some rules gave others an advantage in the game.

“It was really difficult to set the rules, because some people thought the rules were unfair.  Some people thought that some of the rules were fair, so there was a lot of compromising at the end.” Bowers said. 

The rules haven’t stayed set throughout the entire game because people started to outsmart the rules. No kills were happening and everyone had to agree on a set of rule changes.

“For a while it kind of went on a dry spell, but we kind of thought about changing the rules a little bit so that there are more places to kill,” senior Ryan Graydon said. “We used to have it where you couldn’t kill after a practice, but now you can.”

Many players did not have a specific strategy for getting their kills, but Senior kill leader Raj Badwal has used his targets’ friends to find out where they are. 

“I don’t really have a strategy, I just talk to people and talk to their friends to try and get information on where they are going to be,” Badwal said.

The game is mainly for fun and bragging rights, but along with the money prize that is on the line, Badwal has extra motivation.

“That is my goal, to win the money, but I’m also trying to get to double digit kills. So I am trying for ten,” Badwal said. 

Though there haven’t been many crazy stories this year of people doing interesting things to get kills, Badwal still found a way to spice up his routine.

“I haven’t heard any crazy stories. I pulled up on someone with a ski mask on, but that was probably the craziest thing yet honestly,” Badwal said.