PlayStation showcase: Well above the bar


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Connor Olson-Donoghue, A&E Editor

The annual PlayStation Showcase took place on September 9 at 1 pm. After nearly three hours of waiting in the livestream, 18 new trailers were shown, most of which led to a lot of hype from the community.

Four of the new trailers were remasters or remakes of old games. Alan Wake is a 2010 action adventure game where a man by the same name tries to solve the mystery behind his wife’s disappearance, Knights of the Old Republic is a 2003 rpg based in the Star Wars universe, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves is a 2016 action adventure game based on a treasure hunter named Nathan Drake as well as the games 2017 DLC, and GTA5 Remastered is once again another version of the same game.

God of War: Ragnarok takes place after the 2018 God of War game, and continues the story of Kratos and his son Atreus travelling through the well-known realms of Norse mythology, as well as introducing even more of the Norse pantheon. The God of War series has always managed to satisfy its fans, with even the most disappointing game still having some redeeming quality, like the story or gameplay, and God of War: Ragnarok will most likely be no different.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the next game in the best-selling Borderlands series, and many fans of the franchise are incredibly excited, as Gearbox Studios seem to be taking the upcoming game in a direction never before seen in a Borderlands game. While the main mechanics of the game, like the first person shooting and the extreme amount of loot, will not be changed, they are adding new mechanics and a new look that should give the game a brand new feel.

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Spiderman 2 is the sequel to the 2018 Spiderman game and its DLC, Miles Morales. If Insomniac Games manages to fix the issues fans had with the original game, such as the lack of precision when web swinging or the repetitive and annoying minigames, this sequel may prove to be one of the most promising games of the year. From what we can see of the trailer, not only will Peter Parker and Miles Morales both enter the game as a Spiderman duo team, but we will also see many classic Spiderman villains, such as the Sinister Six and Venom. 

Wolverine will be based on the Marvel character of the same name, and will be the first game based on Logan since the 2009 game, X-Men Origins. Wolverine is a well known character of the Marvel franchise, and the prospect of being able to not only see but also play as him in a brand new game is incredibly exciting.


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Gran Turismo is one of the top-selling racing series of all time, and after the success of GT: Sport in 2017, fans have high hopes for Gran Turismo 7. Gran Turismo is a series of racing games that have never truly disappointed fans. Game after game, Gran Turismo has delivered new maps, new cars, and the classic racing mechanics that, while not incredibly special, give the fans exactly what they want.

Deathloop was first announced in 2019 at E3, and many fans were excited at the prospect of a rival co-op game, with strategy and stealth being two huge themes. Fans were somewhat disappointed as while the rivalry against other players didn’t necessarily detract from the game, the game itself with its time-loop mechanics was simply too repetitive.

Guardians of the Galaxy may prove to be an incredibly well-made game if Eidos-Montreal manages to keep the perfect mix of serious, action, and comedy that the movies use so well. While it seems unlikely that a game published by a company like Square Enix will fail, the Marvel Avengers game proved that it is entirely possible.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action adventure game being developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda. It appears to use common Japanese horror myths such as Kuchisake-onna , or the Slit-Mouthed Woman, giving the game a sense of tension and fear not typically seen in many action adventure games.

Kid A Mensia: Exhibition appears to be an interactive experience based on the Kid A and Amnesiac albums of the band Radiohead. While being advertised as less of a game and more of an experience, I am still quite interested in seeing what Radiohead has come up with in regards to this idea.