Drama is back in action



Due to COVID-19, Roseville High’s theater production has experienced many changes over the past 18 months. From having to go strictly online, to recently being in full capacity. With school’s around the district not being able to have students back on campus five days a week and full time, the theater production has not been able to perform.

This year the theater company has been able to start doing performances in front of the community again. According to Drama Teacher, Jennifer Saigeon, having all students back on campus instead of virtual has been a great path back to normalcy. 

“I think it’s awesome because theater is such a participatory medium,” Saigeon said, “You have to be here to really get out of theater, what theater is all about.”

Since schools have been closed for almost a year, Saigeon has had more groups of new students in the theater program and many are interested in auditions.

“We had a lot of newcomers come in which was awesome,” Saigeion said, “Now we have a whole new group of theater students coming up the ranks, so that’s really exciting.”

This year, Saigeon plans to bring new material into her beginning drama class.

“I’m piloting a brand new curriculum this year in my beginning class,” Saigeon said, “We started with some original pieces which were really great for the kids.”

While Saigeon plans on doing a brand new fall play, she will be continuing with the same musical that had been canceled due to the pandemic.

“The play we’re doing right now is brand new but the musical we tried to do before we went out we are gonna do that again this year,” Saigeon said.

According to Freshman Caitlyn Richwine, high school theater has been much different than past years she has done theater and acting.

“It’s weird doing high school theater right after school, it’s a lot more rehearsal than when you’re doing community theater,” Richwine said.

In Richwine’s case, COVID has affected much in the theater program for her.

“It’s a lot different to audition and to act with masks, because it’s weird to express things when you can’t show half your face.” Richwine said.

According to Freshman Jordyn Wuthrich, high school theater isn’t much different than past years, but she hopes to get a new perspective on theater and what new opportunities it could bring. 

“Honestly, it’s not too much different, I’m just excited to gain more experience from it,” Wuthrich said.

This is her first year being in a bigger play than past years and she hopes that COVID won’t have any impact on her performing in this play or in having a fun experience, 

“I’m super excited to be in this production, like I ‘m really hyped for it, it’s my first high school play,“ Wuthrich said.