Environmentalist Club: From whittled away to a growing stay



RHS Environmentalist club has been around for years, but only recently resurfaced to try and make a bigger impact for the community. 

Senior and Club President Annalise Seymour has been a part of the Environmentalist club ever since she stepped onto Roseville High’s campus. She has seen how the club operates and is trying to make it more lively than it ever has been before. 

“It’s something that I’m really passionate about”, Seymour said. “Saving our environment.”

According to Seymour, this has been one of the years that the club has been more active as of lately. Seymour decided to join the club during the second half of her freshman year.

“The club was really only active during my sophomore and freshman year,” Seymour said.

For one Senior Aubrey Tuttle, this has been her first year in the club and her main goal is to just have an exciting experience and just clean up some local areas even if that means just around Roseville High’s campus. 

“I just wanna have fun,” Tuttle said, “maybe just clean up some local environments.”

At first, Tuttle joined an activity then once she discovered she liked it, she decided to do more.

“I did one of the activities and it’s really fun,” Tuttle said, “so I signed up to be the media manager.”

According to Seymour the club has gotten more activity this year than it has gotten in its previous years. Seymour has many goals for this club that she hopes to achieve this year alongside her fellow students.

“My main goal is to get people inspired by it,” Seymour said.