Call of Duty: Problems at war



Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been out for almost a year and, to many players, it’s been very underwhelming.

The multiplayer is one of the many issues with this game. For PC players, one of the biggest issues is hitting their shots on mouse and keyboard. Players will be locked on their target and still constantly miss no matter how accurate they are because of the games lacking hit registration.

For players whose solution is to use a controller, be ready for another issue. The aim assist on controller actually works against you more than it helps you. Aim assist is supposed to draw your aim toward your target, but the radius of the aim assist is so large that it causes you to be completely off. 

Even ignoring the mechanical issues, the multiplayer has been disappointing and there hasn’t really been anything special about it.

Warzone took the biggest hit of all of the modes in this game. The anti-cheat for Warzone is practically nonexistent. There are constant modders ruining games for other players.  Due to this issue, the player count has dropped drastically and many players haven’t returned. 

The battlepasses have also been underwhelming. Despite the popular smg PPSH 41 being brought back in Season 3, there hasn’t been anything spectacular about the battle pass.

The zombies mode in this game has been one of the most disappointing things about this game. There is close to no effort put into it and Treyarch hasn’t been listening to the community at all. 

First of all, there hasn’t been a single original map in five seasons. The first map, Die Machine, uses a majority of the map Nacht Der Untoten, which was the first ever zombies map and has been remastered twice already. The next two maps didn’t really fix the issue of being unoriginal, since both of the maps are recycled maps from the campaign. These maps have zero personality and it seems like there wasn’t any effort put into them.

Another issue is the perks that have been reintroduced. Tombstone is one of the most hated perks of all time and the updated version is still useless, Mule Kick was a strange perk to bring back because most players only use one gun for the entire game, and I don’t even want to talk about Death Perception. The community has been asking for PHD Flopper and Double Tap Root Beer since day one and Treyarch doesn’t seem to care.

This game had a lot of promise and a lot of people were hoping it would save the Black Ops series. After the failure of Black Ops 4, Cold War had the potential to revive the fanbase and prove that Activision and Treyarch can still make great games. That isn’t what we received. For those who continue to defend Cold War, I encourage you to do so. Just don’t let the nostalgia of the Black Ops series blind you from the genuine issues this game has.