Freshman Angel Manantan adjusts to her new life in America


Angel Manantan is a Freshman at Roseville High School, but she hasn’t always lived here. Originally being from Central Luzon in the Philippines, she has been adjusting to the cultural differences between the Philippines and her new home.

“Some people think that the Philippines are full of places that are deserted or province and they don’t have cities there, but I am willing to educate them about the Philippines.”

According to Manantan’s friends back home, her bubbly personality and vivid sense of humor acts as a light for them.

“I don’t really have anything I dislike in America, except for that my friends aren’t here. I like everything so far, I don’t like the Karens though!”

One of her friends residing in the Philippines is Jaemi Bacani who also wants to educate Americans about her country.

“People her will smile and wave at you if they’ve known you for several years or if they just see you.”

Bacani has a very positive opinion towards Americans.

“I think Americans are cool and friendly because I have a lot of online friends who live in America.”

Manantan on the other hand feels a little bit different towards America.

“Filipinos portray America as this very perfect and great country, so a lot of people want to move here. When I got here, they were like ‘Oh you must be living a really good life now that you’re in America,’ and yes it is better, but not as good as I was expecting it to be.”