Entertainment Reflects on Black Friday and Cyber Monday


This past Friday was retail’s biggest day of the year, Black Friday. And of course, due to Covid, less people were out buying in stores, and opted to stay home for yesterday’s Cyber Monday. 

But this doesn’t come as much of a surprise since it was projected that Black Friday would have less shoppers this year due to the pandemic. However, in an effort to save sales, many stores started their Black Friday sales a couple days in advance. The same can´t be said for Cyber Monday sales though. While some Black Friday deals will linger, most Cyber Monday deals wrapped up at midnight last night, but you may be able to find a few still going on today.

And of course the prediction of Cyber Monday sales going through the roof couldn´t be more true. This year, Cyber Monday sales were up 26% percent from last year, coming in at 9.8 billion dollars in sales. 

Lastly, even though traffic may have seemed lighter and you may not have seen crazy busy stores and lines, Black Friday still managed to maintain a number similar to last year’s sales, but with a 2.1% increase since last year.

Having worked this Black Friday, it was probably the most mellow ones I’ve ever been a part of, so much so that myself and my coworkers were sent home early, which is crazy to me. This definitely won’t be the last of the holiday sales though, with Christmas coming up, stores will continue to have major sales till the new year. And now we go back to news.