Senior Track Runner Jordan Frierson Prepares for the Upcoming Season


Senior track runner Jordan Frierson has been preparing for her senior season with trainer Michael Reid. Although when the quarantine hit, the two stopped training and lost motivation.

“Preparing for this upcoming track season has honestly been a lot more difficult than I’d like to admit. I felt very unmotivated and out of shape during quarantine, so when my coach finally contacted me and said it was time to get back into training, and we finally got the clear to train again, I was very happy and excited to just be able to get out of my house and start training again. I feel like the training has gone very well, better than past years for some reason. I just feel a lot more prepared and ready for my upcoming track season.”

As Frierson enters her last year of high school, trainer Michael Reid looks to push Frierson to new limits and expand their training together. Reid replied to Eye of the Tiger with an email, saying

“Now, as she enters the final stage of her high school career, I am really focusing on exposing her to more advanced levels of training and training intensity. By raising the bar in terms of expectation and performance measurement I am also attacking the mental aspect of confidence and execution when necessary by using technique verses effort alone. Jordan has the talent, she has the drive, she has the support, she just needs the races and everything will come together.”

After all the training that Frierson has put in, she is hopeful that she has her senior season.

“My thoughts on this upcoming track season are that I hope everything goes according to plan, and that we’ll be able to have meets and practices, obviously with precautions due to COVID-19, but I have a feeling that everything will go pretty well and I’m excited to compete again.”