Three RHS Athletes Travel to Arizona for Soccer



Last weekend, three RHS athletes went out to Arizona to compete in a soccer tournament.

Junior Jenna Wagner and Seniors Brooke Wojtkiewicz and Emily Edwards played in their first soccer tournament since the COVID shutdown under their team, Placer United, and came in first place. Wagner is excited to be back on the field after not playing contact sports for a while.

“It was really exciting going to Arizona, it was a really fun trip. It was a little weird because we haven’t been playing contact for a little while because of COVID, so it was a little weird being back on the field. Overall it was super fun, it was really exciting that we got first place, everyone was really happy. I was really happy about it, it made the whole trip worth it.” Wagner said.

All of the team had to travel out of state. The COVID protocols were still in place but didn’t ruin the experience.

“The trip was super fun. There were a lot of restrictions like we had to wear masks everywhere but that’s usual. It was really fun and exciting.” Wagner said.

Senior Brooke Wojtkiewicz was excited to get back on the field with her teammates to build the chemistry back up again. 

“Being back on the field was really nice, since I think for most of us we hadn’t played since November, which is when school was happening, so I hadn’t played with my club team in a really long time, so it was really nice that we could all get that team chemistry and team comradery and get back on the field.”