New Boys Varsity Basketball Coach


After being the head coach of the JV basketball team at Roseville High School for twelve years, coach Bobby Ritter was named Head Varsity Coach this summer.

“I’m really excited to get the opportunity to coach here at Roseville High School. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and when the opportunity presented itself I worked really hard to get in a good application and go through the interview and I was really, really happy when I was told I got the job.”

Aidan Bayes has been under Ritter for three years, and from his experiences, he is confident that Ritter will bring an overall growth to the whole team, as well as bringing joy for the kids to play basketball.

“My experiences with Ritter have been really good, I’ve been with him for three years now and all three years have been fantastic,” said Bayes. “He’s helped me through so much, he’s taught me so much. Whenever I had a bad game he’d text me after the game and tell me what I need to improve on for the next game, so I can do better and perform better. He’s going to bring a lot of growth into this program, he’s going to bring a lot of kids that want to play under him. He already has younger teams, he’s already going to be ready for the future.”

Junior Nick Primavera believes Ritter will be a great addition to the varsity team due to his planning and high standards as well as being that fresh start to the program.

“He’s going to bring a lot of great things to the program, that being his sense of accountability, his ability to plan ahead, as well as like, with the whole change of a new head coach, we get a breath of fresh air. I think that’ll help us. I think he’s a motivating guy, he’ll rally the troops to play whoever on game day.” said Primavera.

Ritter’s main goal as the new varsity coach is outside of basketball. He wants Roseville High School basketball to become a big name.

“One of my big goals is to make Roseville High School basketball a big part of the community at large,” said Ritter. “I know there’s a lot of stakeholders, it’s obvious that my commitment to the players is something that’s extremely important, but also to the other students on campus, to get them involved. The staff, the faculty, the community, the alumni. I want Roseville High School basketball to be one of the first things people think about when they think about Roseville.”

In order to reach this goal, Ritter plans on trying to bring the youth into the Roseville basketball program to develop that sense of pride at a young age.

“They come to the games when they’re younger, they get excited about watching the older kids play. They think to themselves ‘I want to do that in four years, in five years, in ten years.'” said Ritter.