Online Learning in the Cafeteria


Because of the pandemic, students are required to attend school via online learning. But there are some students who don’t have access to reliable wifi. And because of this, Richter and his staff have come up with a way for students to be able to attend their class even without reliable internet sources.

“There are some students who don’t have wifi at home, we haven’t been able to find any possible solution, so in those rare instances those students are able to come to the cafeteria.”, Richter said.

Upon entering the cafeteria, students must sign in, just as you would normally do when attending classes on campus. This helps teachers keep track of where you are and assist in the procedures of touch tracing.

“We have all the tables down, we have them all taped. There is a seat that is not taped, that could be used to seat a student. There is also a taped portion of the table, that is the workspace. We are trying to make sure students are staying a 6-foot distance from each other.” Richter said.