RHS Welcomes New Varsity Football Coach


This year, the Roseville High School varsity football team will be going into the season with a new coach for the second consecutive year. Last year’s head coach, Joe Cattolico, who led the Tiger’s to a successful season,  has stepped down from head coach to defensive coordinator for this season. 

Filling the head coach position is last year’s assistant coach, Adam Reinking. Reinking has a total of 17 years as a football coach and 13 years as head coach. Prior to coming to Roseville, Reinking was the head varsity coach at El Camino and led the Eagles a 32-22 record and three playoff appearances.

   While coach Reinking was coaching at El Camino High School, he led an offense that was ranked third  in the section in rushing yards and twelfth in total offense.

Following his years at El Camino, Reinking’s main objective was to get a job in Roseville so he can work in the community that he lives in. He was able to get an interview having many years of coaching experience and was offered a job as a teacher and assistant coach for the 2018- 2019 school year. 

 According to Reinking he loves Roseville High and was happy to make the transition.

Both of my girls will be Tigers and I love everything about RHS so we made the transition,” Reinking said.

During the offseason Reinking, Cattalicco, and school administration all met together and decided it was the right time for Adam Reinking to take over the football program as varsity head coach. 

  “The number one goal is to make it a program and not three levels,” Reinking said.

He plans to do so by working with junior varsity coach Tim McDowell coach Bagley who leads the freshman team.

“Coach Mcdowell is the man, such a hard worker and great guy and has given so much to RHS and the community,” Reinking said. “Coach Bagley, our freshman coach, is also a great person and has a strong desire to see the tigers succeed. I plan to work closely with them to create a program that has common goals for the program and creates a culture of hard work and accountability and resonates on all three levels.”

Reinking plans on making an offensive change to the varsity team by installing the common Wing-T based offense with the flexibility of using a variety of formations. According to Reinking, the Wing-T is an offense where most defenses are not used to seeing and going against.

Reinking has previously used the Wing-T at El Camino High School and found it to be very successful and is hoping to bring that success to Roseville.

We will install an offense that is Wing-T based,” Reinking said. “ During my last year at EC we were very good offensively and I look forward to being able to build on that success with what I’ve learned over the last two years.”

Reinking plans on bringing his experience with many years of coaching to Roseville High School to help grow and improve the program.

“I hope to bring my experience and knowledge to the tigers to help the program continue to grow,” Reinking said.

 Due to coronavirus, this year preparations for the football season have been hindered. Reinking still expects his players to be ready when the season comes around and for  them to be studying the offensive installs to help the team prepare because of limited access to the team practice. 

Reinking still expects the very best from his team and has been impressed by the team’s work ethic and believes they still will be very successful as long as they keep working hard.

  “My expectations will be that the players that come out for football work hard and enjoy playing the game they love,” said Reinking. “ I have been really impressed with the effort and attitudes of the football players during this pandemic and if they continue to work hard and have great attitudes we can have a very successful football season.”

 Senior Bret Knudsen believes Coach Reinking is a good fit for the team and that he is dedicated to the players on and off the field.

   “As I have gotten to know Coach Reinking I have gotten to know that he is dedicated to us players on and off the field and he is dedicated to creating a successful program” said Knudsen. “I just can’t wait to get out there and start playing again.”