Zoom Bombing


The problem with zoom bombing is that it disrupts a class from learning. Zoom bombing is when unwanted zoom users raid a class with the intention of disrupting the class. According to Principal Dr. Nicolas Ricther, the zoom bombing is just disappointing because it shows immaturity. 

 “Were just disappointed that people think it’s hilarious to go into the middle of a class and scream out profanities or whatever it’s childish and immature” Ritcher said

The district has enabled a security setting that will hopefully block zoom bombers in the future.

 “We are working very hard to track that down we have security settings that we have activated today each of the teachers are allowed to set up a setting that will block anyone that doesn’t have a student email address,”  Ritcher said

 Students logging in with zoom have to be using their student email otherwise they won’t be able to access their class which helps prevent zoom bombers from being able to access classes.

 “What we are seeing is that the people that are zoom bombing are using an email address that isn’t a student.rjuhsd.us email,”  Ritcher said

 The school is able to collect the zoom bomber information to track them down to stop them from continuing to zoom bomb.

 “We are able to gather their IP addresses and their emails we have been working with our police officer to get this under control,”  Ritcher said