Tell Me Why Review


The new narrative adventure game, PC and Xbox exclusive developed by DONTNOD Entertainment is called Tell Me Why. Tell Me Why is a three-chapter game: the first released on August 27, the second released on September 4, and the third released on September 10.

In the first chapter, the game introduces the main characters, the twins, Alyson, and Tyler Ronan. They reunite with each other after 10 years and return to their hometown, Delos Crossing, to sell their childhood home.

When in their hometown, the twins start seeing particles that form memories from each of their childhood focusing on their final days with their mother, Mary-Ann. Now in their childhood home, they start to uncover their mother’s secrets leading up to her death.

In the second chapter, the twins continue to uncover Mary-Ann’s secrets by talking to the people that were close to her. Instead, they find that most people want to keep the truth about their mother in the past and move on. Meanwhile, Alyson is having a hard time deciding between her brother and her adoptive father.

In the third chapter, Alyson and Tyler are on the search for one of their mother’s biggest secrets, but the twins have two different views on finding their biological father. Eventually, they find their way but to each other and discover the story of their mother’s past.

The developers of Tell Me Why also, developed the popular game, Life is Strange, that was released in 2015. These games are very similar because the choices the player makes throughout the story will impact the ending of the game. Secondly, these are similar because the player can explore instead of directly just doing the main storyline.

In my opinion, I feel like the story is confusing in the beginning because it jumps right into the gameplay without any background information. Also, the game seems short with the campaign being 9 to 12 hours and for the game to cost $29.99, I was expecting more gameplay to play through.  

As well in most story games, this game sometimes has timed choices that the player chooses for the character. In these timed situations, it becomes a little stressful for me because I wanted a good ending to the game.    

On the other hand, I like how the player can collect little wooden figurines that represent a person that Alyson or Tyler meets in the main story. Also, some of the puzzles the player has to do for the story are interesting because the player has to pay attention to the main plot to solve the puzzles.

Finally, I enjoy that the player can play both perspectives of Alyson and Tyler’s opinion through the story like how each of them is feeling in different situations throughout their story. If you’re interested in playing this game, as said earlier its $29.99 and you can play it on Xbox and PC exclusively.