Does Madden 21 One Up Madden 20?


Madden has been around since 1988 and still puts out a new game every football season, and this year is no exception. Junior Mason Worrell was one of many people who pre-ordered Madden 21 to see if it had changed over the years. Worrell has played Madden for quite some time.

“I’ve been playing Madden since Madden12, so that makes it the 2011-2012 season,” Worrell said.

9 years of playing the same video game helps you notice the changes, bad or good. Worrell believes that Madden hasn’t changed until this year.

“ The past five years of Madden have been terrible, but this year Madden has been great,” Worrell said.

Worrell believes that Madden 20 has been buggy and glitchy but Madden 21 has fixed that.

“There are a lot less bugs and server issues,” Worrell said. “I like how Madden 21 is a lot more balanced and it actually feels like I’m playing football and not some backyard football game.”

Although some might expect there to be some problems with the game, Madden 21 has barely had any.

“As of right now the only problem with it is the rosters aren’t updated, but besides that it’s good,” Worrell said.

The game costs about $60-120, depending on which version you buy. Worrell thinks the choice is obvious.

“I bought the $60 version because it’s basically the same game but cheaper,” Worrell said.

Madden 21 is available on both PS4 and Xbox, and you will also be able to play it on the new PS5 and the new Xbox Series X that are coming out soon.

“It’s a very fun Madden game,” Worrell said.