Students take on RHS trivia games


Student government is working to spark tiger spirit amidst social distancing with RHS-themed Kahoot games.

To give students some Roseville High spirit at home amidst the COVID-19 socially distancing, activities director Brent Mattix worked with student government to connect the students, staff and community through trivia games centered around RHS. 

“Student government students and I are working on a variety of ways where we still connect students, staff and our community in spite of the challenge that our school is closed.” Mattix said. “One of the activities that we generated to accomplish this goal was an online game of Kahoot that centered around Roseville High School trivia.”

Between 50-100 people have participated in each game, the next one which is intended to come next week. The winners of the trivia get to walk away with prizes, ranging from New York Pizza to Chick-Fil-A to  Dutch Bros. Interested members can find links to the Kahoot game via Twitter, Instagram, and Aeries. 

Student government member Savannah Acton said she didn’t know what to expect when they started the games.

“Since we’ve never done a schoolwide Kahoot before, we can’t be really sure of how it would’ve turned out in another situation,” Acton said. “But I think the students like it a lot, having something to do along with getting to reconnect with RHS on some level.”

According to student government member Nick Dominguez, they plan to continue the games periodically as long as the school is in distance learning. The group has taken to marketing the games on social media to gather as many participants as they can. 

“We’ve seen that doing more Instagram stories, having an official Instagram, making more posters and keeping physical calendars have actually positively affected student involvement,” Acton said. “More students are going to events, participating and whatnot.”