Medical internship program expands


RJUHSD will offer a new medical class next year as part of a new program that will give students hands-on internship experience in the medical field. To sign up, students can contact their counselor and set up a meeting.
According to director of CTE Shane Waggoner, seniors must turn 18 by March 1 2021 to sign up for this new program.
“Students are going to go into an internship, going to go to a job site and practice some of these skills and because it’s the medical field, you have to be eighteen. There are patient privacy laws and things like that, so we can only have eighteen year-olds be in those internships.”
This new health career program offers the opportunity for students to learn about the basics of medical terminology in the first course, the knowledge to enter the medical field in the second, and the last course is an internship in a medical center.
RHS principal Nicholas Richter said the program is part of a larger focus in the district.
“One of the things our district is trying to do is really focus on getting students in internships through our CTE programs,” Richter said.
Another benefit of joining the program is that by the conclusion of the courses, students will be qualified to take the Medical Assistant Certification Exam.
“By the end you actually come out with a certification in the state of California saying that you’re qualified for a medical assisting job,” Waggoner said.