DEL VALLE TONOIAN: Eat a slice of the corona-cake

I would have never imagined that this is the way my senior year would turn out. And yet —here we are, stuck at home with no human contact for at least another month.

I feel extra stupid because back in February I kept saying to myself, “It’s no big deal, this will all blow over by the end of the month.” Now it’s the end of March and we’re wading neck deep in water through uncharted territories.

As much as I see all the downsides to this and the way it’s absolutely spun my senior year around and ruined it, I think I’m actually having fun. Maybe it’s the optimist in me, but being at home, talking to my friends over video chat and being more active outdoors is really the cherry on top of this coronavirus cake.

I’ve been playing on a Minecraft realm with 10 of my friends, some of whom are from other states, and rekindling old relationships with online friends I thought I’d never speak to again. Call it lame, but I think it’s actually really cool that in a time like this we’re staying connected online through FaceTimes, Discord and Zoom calls to keep eachother company.

I took my old road bike down from its place in the garage to ride it around my neighborhood. I haven’t touched that thing for probably almost a year, so I took some time to tune it up and make sure everything was in tip-top shape and rode it for hours.

With the hustle and bustle of my senior year taking up every free moment of my time, whether it be an internship so graciously provided to me by the school district or Eye of the Tiger needing me to run a livestream at a moment’s notice, I barely had time to get a quick bite to eat with friends. Now that everything has come to a grinding halt I feel like I’m experiencing some much needed peace.

Granted the world is falling apart around me, grocery stores are running out of essentials and I’m running out of toilet paper. If you take a moment to turn off the T.V, your phone, anything that is constantly poking you with the latest infection and death rates — things are peaceful and somber.

Maybe I’m a bit narcissistic but I’m really enjoying this time alone. I’m enjoying the time with my friends, playing video games I haven’t played since middle school. I think I’m experiencing a little bit of my childhood all over again.

Don’t get me wrong, I am worried about my future, I’m worried that if my dad gets laid off I might not be able to afford college anymore. I’m worried that if the economy takes a big hit from this my college major might be useless. I’m worried that my friends and family might fall ill. I’m worried that my fall classes at the campus I fell in love with last spring might not be on campus at all.

But none of that is really under my control, so why worry about it? I’m just going to enjoy the moment and hope that things return to normal quickly.