Freshman baseball players left without a season



RHS baseball team during practice last year. School closures have prevented several sports, including baseball, from playing.


With the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak, all spring sports have been canceled, for the time being, one being the baseball season. This left many on the freshman baseball team heartbroken, as their season was just getting started.

For freshman first baseman Parker Hellekson, the time he invested towards getting better for the high school season feels wasted.

“It really sucks because I have been training every day in the off-season to be prepared for my freshman year,” Hellekson said. “It’s just crazy how your season can be taken away that quickly and it sucks. But now I gotta work even harder for the next baseball season.” 

Freshman shortstop Brandon Graydon agreed, without the season, it could hurt his recruitment and future. 

“Well to me sports were more than just something to keep me occupied, sports are my life. Every decision I’ve made, I ask myself Is this going to affect my athletic career?” Graydon said. “So in all seriousness, sports being canceled is the worst thing that could’ve happened to most athletes my age.” 

While players are upset that the season was postponed, most sympathize with the seniors no longer able to play in their last season.

Brady Ranallo, the sibling of senior pitcher Dylan Ranallo, recognizes how this has hurt his brother’s baseball career,

“I feel like they should let them play. Everyone is spaced out and I haven’t heard anyone want to not being able to play,” Brady said. “My brother is a senior and it really has him out for many opportunities for college are gone.”

For freshman Kaden Belton, he finds that, even if school returns halfway through the spring season, it would be worth it to return to spring sports. 

“I believe that we should continue sports if we go back to school although half of our season has been taken away,” Belton said. “It is a shame to miss a season that would have made lots of memories and been a fun year.”