GAPONYUK: COVID-19 ruins class of 2020’s senior year


The final months of senior year are coming to an end. Memories are starting to flood our minds, we’ve all come to the sad realization that  high school is ending – now is the time for final memories. I am working my hardest to finish off with excellent grades and to leave feeling accomplished and excited. Sadly that may not be the case as the coronavirus may have something else in mind. During the past few weeks, schools nationwide have shut down and classes have all gone online.

Some students prefer the online classwork as it gives them more time, but I would much rather prefer being in a classroom taught by my own teacher. This could be a difficult time for me as I am more of a visual learner and getting a question answered online isn’t something I’m comfortable with. I can assure you I am not the only student who feels this way and this could result in a stressful time. Now you must either email your teacher or ask questions whenever your advisor hosts a group chat with every classmate.

I am currently in my senior year and this situation couldn’t have come at a worse time for me. In the final months of highschool seniors want to wrap up their year doing exciting things with all of their friends. Some people might not be able to see each other for a long time, and this is their time to bond. Now it seems as if all those opportunities have been taken away.

I totally understand the precautions being taken, but myself and many other upperclassmen cannot help but feel heartbroken that so many events may not take place due to COVID-19. In the next couple of months we would have a senior picnic, Senior Awards night and most notably Senior Ball. With all of these potentially being taken away, the class of 2020 will always have a bitter taste about the ending of not only their school year – but what could possibly be their last year of education.

Senior Ball is one event every high school kid dreams of going to and having that everlasting memory of such a great night. It has not yet been canceled but by the look of it situations only seem to get worse. This is yet not our biggest fear. Graduation being canceled is something we all hope does not take place.

The past four years have been blood, sweat and tears for some seniors. Every student spends countless hours working to receive the best possible grade they can and even sacrificing time just to finish some extra homework or project. For some, the main motivation would be to walk across that stage. After four years however, the Class of 2020 will be robbed of possibly everything they worked towards.

Possibly finishing the year online will be difficult if that is what it all comes down to. What we can all do right is stay positive and hope for the best and be thankful we are currently safe and help do so for our family members and others around us. We all want our senior year to finish off on the right note. Sadly we are not able to experience the same fun seniors before us had. This is a nationwide effort and it starts today with each and every one of us.