CIF continues spring sports season




Tuesday afternoon the CIF and 10 Section Commissioners met to discuss the status and future of the spring sports season.

While RJUHSD and all other local districts have suspended all athletic practices and contests, CIF Executive Director Ron Nocetti said the CIF will not yet cancel the spring sports season and instead will reevaluate the status at their next scheduled meeting which will take place in early April.

“While the time may come when we have to cancel post-season events, today is not that day,” Nocetti said in a statement. “In anticipation of further guidance and directives issued by federal, state and local government agencies regarding COVID-19, the CIF has not determined the future of spring sports events at this time and intends to reconvene with the 10 Section Commissioners on April 3 to revisit the issue.”

Junior softball captain Annie Lemos was relieved to see that the team’s 5-0 season is not yet over and says the team will be ready to finish the season as strong as they started, given the opportunity.

“It was really nice to see that there’s still hope for this season because it’s been really hard for us to stay positive when everything up to this point has not looked hopeful,” Lemos said. “Everyone is still working on their own and we will be ready if we are given the opportunity to finish the season.”