BSU marches out to activist causes



Pictured, members of Roseville’s Black Student Union at the Sacramento “March For Our Youth” rally earlier this year. The club meets every Monday at lunch in room 606.


Roseville’s Black Student Union has taken their activism to the streets through marches, rallies and protests.

Senior Amy Chepru is very passionate about her involvement in BSU and social activism in general.

BSU makes a special point to attend events as a club in order to foster a stronger sense of community. It’s members have been especially active since the start of the new semester, seeking out any new opportunities.

One of the most notable rallies they attended was the Martin Luther King rally in January, which was held during MLK weekend. They were invited by  Black Lives Matter Sacramento to the “March For Our Youth” in January for MLK Day. 

This was Chepru’s first opportunity to go out marching and she wanted to start out with a bang.

“I was really excited,” Chepru said. 

The Reclaim MLK march was exactly what she wished for.

 “It was just a call to the youth to fight against racial injustice and prejudice,” Chepru said.

She brought along her cousin and several fellow BSU members. Sophomore Imani Grace, who also preaches and practices activism. As a result of her BSU membership, Grace has been aware of other opportunities of a similar nature.

“It’s been a good opportunity to increase my activeness.” Grace said. 

Though she is also new to marching, Grace has plans to go out more often in the future. Her experience at the  Martin Luther King rally in January, where attending BSU members collaborated by painting an intricate mural for the community and marched with signs, showed her how much variety these events are capable of.         

“I’m really proud to be representing my community and my school,” Grace said. “It makes me feel really excited to represent my community.”