My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising detriot smashes box office


My Hero Academia is a popular anime as far as anime goes. I am personally not a huge anime guy myself, but I do watch this show and I fairly enjoy it. Sometimes the fan base can ruin it for me, but overall the storytelling is good and unique. Plus, the action is pretty awesome. It is definitely the driving force of the show.


Although the TV show can be cheesy and annoying at some moments, the movies are pretty mild when it comes to the weird stuff. It is easily something anyone can watch without having to be caught up with the show or manga. It is a completely original, straight to theaters hour and a half of pure fun.


This is the second movie to tie into the series called Heroes Rising. The movies were created to take place where they currently are in the TV show, making this movie take place with the first half of season four. The movie does tie into the show but the show does not acknowledge the events of the movie. So if that bothers you as a fan, it might ruin the movie for you considering that there are some moments in this movie that should heavily impact the show. But instead, they have a quick and cheap explanation at the end to undo everything that just took place and it is pretty frustrating since none of it is not canon.

Considering that both this movie and the first one, titled Two Heroes, did very well critically and financially, I have no idea why the company has no plans on making the future movies canon.

Both movies have done an excellent job at giving side characters who don’t have a lot to do in the TV show stand out in the feature films which is really cool and it prevents the movies from feeling stale compared to the highs of the show. They also do a good job with the budget they have. It actually feels better quality than the show and I am glad it did not go to waste. 

If you are a fan of the show definitely go check this out while it’s still in theaters as it is a fun watch.