BROADCAST: March 10, 2020

In this edition of Eye of the Tiger, Danielle Bennett and Julie Nguyen anchor.

Yesterday the RJUHSD board held an emergency meeting to address immediate plans regarding the spread of COVID-19. The board maintained that RJUHSD sites remain open for as long as possible to limit impact on academics.

The California Department of Public Health outlined that further action including finding alternatives to congregate or group programming, staggering lunches, limiting visitors and possible school closures may be necessary if two or more community transmission cases of COVID-19 occur in the area.

This year marks the first term that sophomores took NGSS physics instead of CP chemistry. As physics is both more hands-on and uses different math, teachers have adapted the curriculum to fit the sophomore class.

Midterms are this week, students will attend periods one and two on Thursday and periods three and four on Friday.

Eye of the Tiger’s Cam Medrano was at Roseville Little League baseball’s opening day last Saturday.