Students host Spike Ball tournament, build community


This article was originally published on March 4 with the incorrect video media. We apologize for this mistake.

On Monday February 10th, a large group of RHS students participated in a student-led Spike Ball Tournament. The tournament consisted of a total of 23 teams and 46 players of all grade levels–freshman to senior–meeting up at the local Mel Hamel park.

The tournament lasted four hours, and every second of the tournament was filled with games. It first started with pool play where everyone played a total of five games. The tournament then advanced to the knockout rounds, with seeds according to success in the pool play. In the end, tournament organizer Cole Errecart and his teammate, senior Cameron Belton, came out victorious.
Errecart believes that although not all 30 initial teams showed up, the tournament still turned out relatively successful.

“We had like thirty or so teams sign up but we knew obviously that everyone was not going to make it, so with twenty-three that showed up we thought that it was a pretty solid amount to go with,” Errecart said. “It worked out very well for the pool play and bracket so everything ran smoothly and on time, it was a really good time.”

Local Roseville High Student and Spike Ball participant, Davis Pham, is a good example of the competitiveness the tournament had even before it began.

“I wanna win, I’m gonna take home the first place prize,” Pham said.

Senior Brennan Eid who has a love of the game, came into the tournament having no fear that the tournament wouldn’t run smoothly, and was just worried about having a good time.

“I kind of assumed that it was gonna be pretty well organized because everyone there was there to play and have a good time,” Eid said. “ I was just trying to have a good time, but I was also trying to win.”

Cole Errecart goes into the tournament with the intention of not only hosting a well run tournament but winning it.

“My overall goal was to win it, because you know you don’t want to host something you think you’re going to lose at,” said Errecart.

As for the future for the Spike Ball tournament Errecart hopes to continue on with more tournaments when he can get everyone back together again and share their love for Spike Ball.