BROADCAST: March 3, 2020

In this edition of Eye of the Tiger, Danielle Bennett and Nathan Piedad anchor. Last week, a pair of students got the chance to be everyday superheros, on Thursday seniors Jaheam Seay and Malik Bowman grew suspicious of a man at a Roseville bank when they got back into the car they saw an emergency alert that a 10 year old boy had been kidnapped. They immediately went across the street to keep an eye on the vehicle. When the driver took off with the child in tow, they called highway patrol and followed the car to Dixon while staying contact with law enforcement. Ultimately, the child was found safe and the kidnapper was taken into custody. Yesterday, peer helping spoke to freshmen classes, bringing some empathy and levity to the school day. Junior prom tickets are on sale this week. Tickets will be $20.00 until Friday and go up to $25.00 next Monday and Tuesday, and will be $30.00 from the following Wednesday on. This years theme is empire state of mind and March 14 marks the date for the dance.